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Guitar Chords: The A♯/B♭ Chords

Prepared by Alan Humm

Chord files color and symbol key1

1 All fingerings should be interpreted as suggestions, not as requirements.

• Verticle lines are strings.
• Horizontal lines are frets.
• The double line at the top is the nut.

• The numbers at the top of each diagram are suggested fingerings.
• 0 on top means that string is played open
• The red Vs point to the lowest sounding roots.
• X at the top represents a string that is not played
• Curved lines in the fingering area indicate a barre (one finger holding down multiple strings).
• The dots are where you put your fingers.
• Hollow dots are alternate notes for the same chord.
x on the string means that it should be blocked, usually with the finger on the next lowest string.

Color code:
Red = root or 1st.
Dark Yellow = 2nd.
Green = 3rd.
Greenish Blue = 4th.
Blue = 5th.
Pink = 6th.
Purple = 7th.

Minors and majors are not distinguished by color, but they are predictable: Minor chords receive both minor thirds and minor sixths. Sevenths are minor unless otherwise specified.

Major forms
Bb/A# chord graph Bb/A#2 chord graph Bb/A#6 chord graph Bb/A#7 chord graph Bb/A#maj7 chord graph
Bb/A#9 chord graph Bb/A#11 chord graph Bb/A#13 chord graph Blank chord graph Bb/A#+ chord graph
Minor forms
Bb/A#m chord graph Bb/A#m2 chord graph Bb/A#m6 chord graph Bb/A#m7 chord graph Bb/A#mMaj7 chord graph
Bb/A#m9 chord graph Bb/A#m11 chord graph Bb/A#m13 chord graph Bb/A#7 chord graph Bb/A#%7 chord graph
Altered third forms
Bb/A#sus2 chord graph Bb/A#sus4 chord graph Bb/A#7sus2 chord graph Bb/A#7sus4 chord graph Bb/A#no3 chord graph
Mobile forms
A_form Bb/A# graph G_form Bb/A# graph E_form Bb/A# graph D_form Bb/A# graph C_form Bb/A# graph

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