Psalm 133

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Flute, B♭ clarinet, bassoon, and bass oboe: Alan Humm using FinaleŽ with GarritanŽ instruments.

Psalm 133

© 2017 Alan Humm

Choral Lead Sheet in PDF


This is actually one movement of a choral setting for three psalms (this is Psalm 133). I haven't written the other two movements, and it is sufficiently complicated that it is unlikely I will ever find people who are both skilled enough and willing to help me do a human recording.

I consequently decided to just put it into woodwinds so I could let you guys hear it. Normally, woodwind pieces have more movement that this, so its choral origins explain that absence. Of course, I don't know four woodwind players either, but FinaleŽ with GarritanŽ instruments does pretty well with orchestral instruments (don't expect it to give you a believable oud, however—it thinks an oud is the same as a classical guitar).

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