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© 2016 Alan Humm

I only wrote part of this song. The verse music is traditional Irish, 17th c. or earlier. The verse lyrics were published by Nahum Tate in 1698. I wrote the refrain and the musical interludes. The arrangement, of course, is mine as well.

Like last year, I did a slideshow to accompany the music, which is on YouTube, if you feel like listening to it with visuals (traditional paintings).


      Main vocals:                           Devon Flaherty
      Guitar, bass, & back vocals:           Alan Humm
      Violin:                                Finale® with Garritan® virtual violin
      Drums:                                 Presently Pro Tools® stock, but
                                               I am hoping Sam Oches will replace
                                               them soon

While Shepherds Watched

Lyrics only (in PDF)

© 2016 Alan Humm